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Fall weather means more time indoors, but it doesn’t have to mean more time in front of the screen. Instead of watching a show every night, you could invite friends and family to play a new card game that Amazon customers are raving about.

How It Works

Ravine is a strategic and cooperative card game by Stellar Factory, a company focusing on real-world experiences that got a massive Kickstarter boost. The company is committed to bringing people together through games that are quick to play and visually stunning. In Ravine, 3 to 6 players ages 10 and over work together to survive the aftermath of a plane crash. Bonus: you’ll bond a lot more with friends and family than you would watching Lost for the sixth time in silence.

Perfect for Holidays

In our increasingly digital world, families sitting around the Thanksgiving feast while scrolling through Twitter isn’t an uncommon sight. Break the pattern this year by pulling out this card game. Because it’s cooperative, you’ll avoid the family fights and enjoy your time together without the screens.

Why Customers Love It

Customers think Ravine is the perfect after-dinner party game because it takes just a couple of minutes to learn and is fast paced enough to keep everyone’s attention after the second glass of wine. Amazon reviewers also mentioned how high quality and visually appealing the cards were, and that the game was cooperative which was perfect for competitive kids.

Ravine: A Competitive Cooperative Card Game available from Amazon

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