In what feels like a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, we were inundated with summer entertaining ideas and articles this time of year. The latest trends in pool parties, carnivals, summer concerts, barbecues and other summertime activities would flood our social media feeds.

And while entertaining friends and family is not completely off the table in our current climate, many are conflicted about how, when and where to proceed with gatherings.

With the nation still widely in flux as far as being in different phases and stages of reopening, combined with wildly opposing views on social distancing (or not), it has never been more confusing to determine the right time and place to host even a small-scale event.

The face of home entertaining has changed and will continue to remain in a transitional period for the foreseeable future. But in an effort to stay connected, celebrate the summer and sort out at least a little confusion, take a look at our guide for what to expect and how to safely plan a small summer outdoor gathering.


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