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Interior shutters complement many different decorating styles, so they are the go-to window treatment in many homes. Shutters with sharp, defined lines make them a natural choice in contemporary interiors, and their classic good looks make them ideal for traditional furnishings as well. The width of the louver varies from as narrow as one inch to plantation...

Nagasaki is paying tribute to the victims of the U.S. atomic bombing 77 years ago Tuesday. The mayor says Russia’s war on Ukraine showed the world that another nuclear attack is “a tangible and present crisis.” Mayor Tomihisa Taue, in his speech at the Nagasaki Peace Park, said nuclear weapons can be used as long as they exist, and the only way to save the future of humankind is their elimination. The United States made its second atomic attack on Aug. 9, 1945, on Nagasaki, killing 70,000, three days after it dropped the first one on Hiroshima that killed 140,000.

After the disruption of online learning, first-year college students are arriving arrive on U.S. campuses unprepared for the demands of college-level work, experts say. Colleges from New Jersey to California have expanded summer bridge programs aiming to get students up to speed in math and English before they arrive this fall. Experts say it's clear remote instruction caused learning setbacks, most sharply among Black and Hispanic students. The stakes are high: Research shows that students who start college a step behind are less likely to graduate.

Cycling is growing in popularity in China as a sport, not just a way to get to work. A coronavirus outbreak that shut down indoor sports facilities in Beijing earlier this year encouraged people to try outdoor sports including cycling. Organized rides in the Chinese capital take cyclists to outlying suburbs or city landmarks. Bicycles once outnumbered cars on China's city streets. Now cycling is increasingly seen as a sport by a newly affluent urban middle class. The sport's rising popularity has boosted sales of bicycles and signals growing public awareness of environmental protection and low-carbon lifestyles. At least 20 million people are participating in the sport nationwide.

The nearly 12 months since the chaotic end to the U.S. war in Afghanistan haven’t been easy for Joe Biden. In the summer of 2021, the American electorate largely approved of the new president’s performance. Biden scored high marks for his handling of the economy and the coronavirus pandemic. But things went sideways for Biden after the messy U.S. troop withdrawal from Afghanistan. As the one-year anniversary of the end of the Afghanistan conflict nears, analysts say that the episode continues to resonate. Biden is struggling to shake dismal polling numbers and lift American confidence in his administration ahead of November’s elections.

Olivia Newton-John, the Australian singer whose breathy voice and wholesome beauty made her one of the biggest pop stars of the '70s, died on Aug. 8. She was 73. Actor John Travolta, who co-starred with Newton-John in the hit movie musical "Grease," has paid tribute

It is common in divorce cases for spouses not to agree on how to divide their property, but what happens to their beloved pets? Veuer’s Maria Mercedes Galuppo has the story.