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In his most recent counterproposal to the Compensation Committee regarding his next contract as commissioner of the NFL, Roger Goodell in August sought nearly a $50 million salary and lifetime private jet usage and healthcare for his family, according to ESPN.

The Compensation Committee will hold a conference call Monday, first reported by the New York Times, to discuss Goodell's counterproposal and likely the ongoing controversy in which Cowboys owner Jerry Jones reportedly has threatened to sue the league if the extension, which Jones signed off on as recently as August, is finalized.

ESPN quotes one NFL owner as saying, "that number for Roger just seems too much. It's offensive. It's unseemly." The owner adds that there are "several owners in this league who don't make $40 million a year."

Goodell's current compensation as NFL commissioner is approximately $30 million, and some years has ranged between $35-$45 million. His current contract expires in 2019.

Although the contract figure seems exorbitant to many including Jones, it isn't at the root of Jones' mission to remove Goodell from his post, as Pro Football Weekly reported Wednesday.

Jones had approved an extension for Goodell, formerly a close ally, in August, before Goodell suspended star RB Ezekiel Elliott for six games. But since supporting the extension as an unofficial ad-hoc voting member on the committee, Jones has become its staunchest objector.

Jones doesn't have nearly the support needed — 24 of the 32 NFL owners' votes — to block Goodell's extension and, more importantly, remove the commissioner from his post. As PFW reported this week, Jones may have a half-dozen owners in his corner, while a larger group remains displeased with Goodell but isn't sure how to respond, and a growing faction is furious with Jones over his public handling of the NFL's private business.

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