In the midst of the national epidemic of honeybee colony loss, researchers at Jackson’s American Academy of Entomological Sciences are unveiling BeesVita Plus.

The scientific breakthrough may help save billions of honeybees that are dying due to climate change, pesticides, pollution, and increasing attacks by deadly parasites, known as varroa mites.

According to USDA lab tests, BeesVita Plus contains 38 times more powerful antioxidants than other bee feed products, enabling honeybees to tolerate and detoxify pesticides. Ph.D. Medical Entomologist Jeffrey Brown said, “Beesvita Plus can bolster the immune system of the honeybees that allows them to resist disease, environmental elements, and possibly pesticides, which may all contribute to colony loss.”

According to an August 2017 USDA report, there are 50,000 honeybee colonies, or about three million honeybees, in Mississippi. Roughly, 15 percent of Mississippi’s colonies were killed by colony loss syndrome last year.


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