This Hilarious Video Shows Two Lynx Yelling At Each Other Like Humans

We all have that one friend with whom we argue a lot, to the point that other people just hear yelling.

Well, these two lynx are those friends. The big cats in the video below aren’t meowing and they aren’t hissing. They are screaming at each other like two humans who just found out that “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” was cancelled but then renewed.

These lynx were filmed in Canada, where they are found more frequently than in the United States. Lynx are typically solitary creatures, according to Defenders Of Wildlife, so it’s particularly unique that two of them were spotted together:

So, what exactly are these lynx screaming about?

Biologist and lynx expert Kim Poole of Aurora Wildlife Research in Canada told Buzzfeed that it could have been a territorial dispute:

“The timing is a bit odd, as they are adults (you can tell by the thick tufts of hair on the top of their ears) and in late May it is birthing time, not breeding, which generally occurs in late March. It is difficult to tell sex but they could be adult males that are having a territorial ‘discussion.'”

However, another animal expert, Carole Baskin, founder of Big Cat Rescue, told BuzzFeed, that this might also be “a nearly grown kitten” with its mother, who may be encouraging it to hunt: “[S]he’s telling him there’s no free lunch anymore.”

So it could have been either lynx fighting to the death, lynx getting ready to get busy with it or lynx having a moment of nostalgia.

So yeah, long story short, nobody truly knows what these two lynx were yelling about. But that has not stopped the internet from taking delightful guesses as to what the lynx sound like.

But do you know what this video reminds me of the most?


[H/t Buzzfeed]

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