Chinese New Year

Sometimes called the Lunar New Year or Spring Festival, the Chinese New Year will be celebrated on February 16. It’s a time to honor ancestors, feast on traditional foods, and make fun projects with classic symbols! Dragons are a symbol of power, strength, and good luck. They are a common sight in Chinese New Year parades.


— Regular-size balloon

— 9-oz. paper cup

— Clear tape

— 12x12-inch cardstock

— Colorful paper scraps/cardstock

— Craft glue

— Hot glue

— Confetti


1. Tie a knot on the neck of the balloon. Cut off the top half.

2. Cut out the bottom of the cup.

3. Stretch the balloon opening over the bottom of the cup and tape the edge in place. Set aside.

4. Cut a 10-inch-diameter circle from the cardstock. Trim the edges to make a dragon.

5. Trace the top of the paper cup to make a mouth, and cut out.

6. Glue on paper eyes, horns, nostrils, and more. Turn the paper over and hot-glue the top of the cup to the back of the mouth.

7. Fill the mouth with confetti and pull the knotted balloon end to release the fun “fire”!

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