The Countdown Conspiracy, publicity photo
Publicity photo

Reading the book "The Countdown Conspiracy" by Katie Slivensky (HarperCollins), I was left in chills. It was a very suspenseful book, and I couldn't stop reading.

In this book, 13-year-old Miranda Regent is a nominee to be a Mars cadet. A Mars cadet will train for nine years in Antarctica to be able to travel to Mars. Miranda is great at robotics and computer programming. She wins the spot for the United States, just as five other candidates win for their countries.

During this time, a war between Russia and America has just ended. There was a fear that the absence of a Russian candidate might cause an issue. After being chosen, Miranda receives a strange message from an unknown person. It warns her to trust no one. Also, along the way there are suspicious attacks on all the people in the program. On top of that, the launch is hacked.

Read the book to find out who is sending the messages and who is the attacker. Also, where are they heading and what will happen to their families? If you love astronomy, suspense, and thrillers, this is the book for you. With no doubt, I would rate this book 5 smiles out of 5.

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