What's Next After the 'Modern Family' Pregnancy Bomb? Plus, Fans React

The latest Modern Family episode dropped a major bomb for the Season as it was revealed that eldest Dunphy daughter Haley (Sarah Hyland) is expecting.

Throughout the episode "Did the Chicken Cross the Road?" Haley and longtime on-again-off-again beau Dylan (Reid Ewing) tried proving that they could be grown up but ultimately opted out of a stage play for a carnival. While at the carnival riding bumper cars, Dylan bumped into Haley accidentally causing the lipstick she was applying to jam up her nose.

What's Next for 'Modern Family' After That Surprising Death?

What's Next for 'Modern Family' After That Surprising Death?

Could there be a baby on the way for one Dunphy?

During their resulting visit to the ER, a nurse reveals the news much to Haley and Dylan's shock. "Why wouldn't you want to enjoy a carefree life as long as you could?" Haley said, referring to her earlier worries about wanting to lead a more "adult" life.

"At least until the baby comes," the nurse responded.

"Oh, that's years away. Trust me," Haley answered unknowingly.

When the nurse clarified she's pregnant, Haley and Dylan were left speechless and fans left hanging. Until the next episode, viewers won't know how they go on to reveal the news to the rest of the Dunphy/Pritchett clan. However, Hyland revealed she knew about the storyline prior to Season 10.

Before the episode aired, Hyland hinted at what was to come calling it a "BUMPY ride," on Instagram.

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The actress later went on to share a photo of her trying on a prosthetic pregnancy belly, captioning the image, "Well I guess the cat’s outta the bag!!! Or more like the bump’s outta the shirt!..... that was a horrible joke. I apologize."


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Hyland surrounded by Haley's current and former loves in Season 9 played by Adam Devine, Ewing, Nathan Fillion, and Chris Geere.

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