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Fall travel: Oktoberfest 2018

It's not too early to start planning your fall vacation. And if you're looking for an excuse to OD on hot wurst and cold beer, head for an Oktoberfest. Yes, the "real deal" is in Munich, but dozens of U.S. and Canadian cities make a big deal out of Oktoberfest-- some extended, some just a day or two, with varying dates. Read more

Glacier Park wildfires see mixed weather, stronger winds

WEST GLACIER, Mont. (AP) — Monday's weather was a mix of good and bad news for firefighters working in Glacier National Park. Read more

The best day of the week to buy airplane tickets

New research finds that it's not what most of us expected. Read more

Airplane bathrooms are getting even smaller

U.S. airlines have reduced legroom in the past, now they are shrinking the bathrooms Read more

The 12 most remote places on Earth

Get ready to travel where most folks don't — the most remote places on Earth. Read more

5 international trips that are cheaper than a weekend in London

London is loved for its centuries-old history, diverse cultural scene, countless museums and more, but it's also expensive. Here are some cheaper options: Read more

Evacuated Glacier Park lodge won't re-open this season

WEST GLACIER, Mont. (AP) — A century-old lodge in Glacier National Park that was evacuated last weekend due to a wildfire will not re-open … Read more

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7 bucket list trips you can do on a budget

When it comes to travel, the term "bucket list" can be synonymous with "budget-busting." Sure, some bucket-list candidates, like safaris or… Read more

10 tips for responsible camping

Camping can be a blast, but following best practices is key to having an experience that's both enjoyable and safe for often fragile enviro… Read more

How to be a tourist in your own city

Can't afford to go on vacation? You can play tourist in your own city if you have a few days off. Here are some ideas from Tribune News Ser… Read more

Places that haven't been invaded by hordes of tourists

Venice, Dubrovnik, Barcelona and other spots are gorgeous, and they are drowning in tourists. There are places that are much less popular a… Read more

Destinations Photo Contest Spotlight: See some of your best travel photos of iconic scenes

Our previous Destinations Travel Photo Contest hosted some wonderful photos taken by travelers such as YOU! From wildlife to waterfalls, su… Read more


Flight Aware: Track flight and airport delays

Is your flight on time? Is weather snarling your airport? Get all the details here. Read more

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Pilot suspended over threat to Oklahoma transgender student

OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) — Frontier Airlines says it has suspended a pilot accused of threatening on Facebook to harm a 12-year-old transgender g… Read more

Gatwick passengers need to check whiteboards after IT glitch

LONDON (AP) — Gatwick Airport has resorted to using marking pens and whiteboards to post flight information after a technical failure cause… Read more

German minister declares nation's bridges safe and reliable

BERLIN (AP) — Germany's transport minister says the country has reliable procedures for checking bridges "that I trust and citizens can tru… Read more