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50 children saved as Interpol exposes international pedophile ring

Police believe there are still 100 children who have not yet been located, Interpol said in a press release Thursday, adding that it expected to make more arrests and rescues. Read more

This week in not real news: Altered video makes Pelosi seem to slur words

Video footage that was slowed down to give the false impression that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was slurring her words is circulating widely across social media platforms. Read more

Forbes Travel Guide reveals world's best hotel rooms for 2019

Forbes Travel Guide released its second Verified List last week, revealing the World's Best Hotel Rooms for 2019. The list of winners showcases 41 properties spanning as many as 17 different countries. The properties were reviewed by Forbes Travel Guide's incognito inspectors who evaluated them on up to 900 standards for the guide's annual Star Ratings. The U.S. led the way with a dozen ... Read more

Here's how often you need to walk to burn belly fat

Walking is a simple way to start losing weight, but to see results, you'll need to get your steps in every day and stick with a healthy diet. Read more

There are different types of tornadoes. Here's how to tell them apart

Seeing a funnel cloud on the horizon is one of the scariest things anyone can witness. But not all tornadoes are created alike. Read more

Photos: Anniversary of the evacuation from Dunkirk

The remarkable evacuation of Allied forces from the beaches of northern France, known as Operation Dynamo and the Miracle of Dunkirk, took … Read more

Is your makeup SPF enough to skip sunscreen?

Many makeup products come with SPF 15, 20 or 25 already in them. It might seem like you're getting a two-fer: Your makeup needs to be taken care of as well as sun protection. Read more

The 10 best cities for public transportation

American families may want to consider whether public transportation would be a safer, more convenient, more eco-friendly and cost-effectiv… Read more

Simply elegant, Morse code marks 175 years and counting

Morse code works whether flashing a spotlight or blinking your eyes – or even tapping on a smartphone touchscreen. Read more

9 major companies with veteran hiring programs

Military members perform vital missions while in the service. But some have had trouble finding work as they transition to civilian life. B… Read more

10 great wines under $20 to drink for National Wine Day

Each Thursday, online wine marketplace Vivino chooses the best wines under $20 to drink right now. With this Saturday being National Wine D… Read more

Watch Aaron Rodgers lose a beer chugging contest to Bakhtiari and Yelich

Hint: Rodgers was shameful. Read more

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Missouri capital hit by tornado, storms sweep Midwest

A tornado tore apart buildings in Missouri's capital city as severe weather swept across the Midwest overnight, killing at least three peop… Read more

Autos, homes, jobs

9 major companies with veteran hiring programs

Military members perform vital missions while in the service. But some have had trouble finding work as they transition to civilian life. B… Read more

These $11 quick-dry bath towels have rave reviews on Amazon

Bath towels are one essential home item you can really splurge or save on, but sometimes more affordable towels sacrifice quality. These 100% cotton quick-dry bath towels from AmazonBasics are a bathroom essential cheap enough to stock up on. Read more

The 15 cities with the best work-life balance

When it comes to keeping a healthy balance between your work life and your home life, location matters. Read more

The top 7 budget commuter cars of 2019

These seven low-priced cars deliver good fuel economy and have features to ensure your sanity on long drives.  Read more


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